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The Stonewall Riots in NY, has been widely regarded as the beginning of the Gay Civil Rights Movement. But the true heart of the movement was born in Los Angeles.
Once deemed “the most dangerous city West of the Santa Fe”, Los Angles was the original ‘Wild West’. The incessant hankering of Americans to migrate west for profit and prosperity, also brought with it, people who had a strong desire to find a place where they had the freedom to be themselves. In short, people in search of a better life; a true American virtue if ever one was.
Featuring profound eras of early California from the Native American experience, the Catholic Spaniard colonization, the western pioneer migration, the establishment of the entertainment capitol of the world and up to and including the mid-20th century gay civil rights struggles, the founding of the first ever gay city, the devastation of the AIDS crisis and the pain of Proposition 8.
Los Angeles has benefited from the LGBTQ contribution in many ways, and this project encompasses all contributions made from past to present. It is meant to showcase Los Angeles as a destination of innovators, creators and pioneers while showing the enduring spirit across all communities.


Once deemed, “The most dangerous city west of the Santa Fe”, Los Angles was the original ‘Wild West’.


The incessant hankering of Americans to migrate west for profit and prosperity also brought with it, people who had a strong desire to find a place where they had the freedom to be themselves: in short, people in search of a better life. A true American virtue if ever one was, and Gays & Lesbians were no exception.


Most consider the NY Stonewall Riots of 1969 to be the birth of the Gay civil rights movement, but lesser known are the many queer activists, artists and innovators living in Los Angeles since the turn of the 20th century who paved the way for the Stonewall Riots and for the progress of the LGBTQ community as a whole. L.A. A Queer History chronicles the rise of LGBTQ cultural in early Los Angeles; from the artists who shaped early Hollywood, to their systematic criminalization, which lead to the emergence of activism and political power by LGBT “Angelinos”.


L.A. is a city of many LGBTQ firsts; sprouting the first long-standing Gay rights organization-The Mattachine Society, the first openly Gay positive magazine-ONE Magazine, the first Gay church the-Metropolitan Community Church, the first organized protest against police injustice towards Homosexuals at the Black Cat Tavern in 1967, (two years prior to Stonewall), the first Gay Community Services Center and the first Gay pride parade. A first of it’s kind, L.A. A Queer History showcases how our Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters effected the world we live in today; which will ultimately create a better understanding of the truly unique and utterly American culture of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender community.


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The “FAGOTS STAY OUT” sign in the West Hollywood restaurant, Barney’s Beanery sparked a string of protests demanding equal rights for Gays and Lesbians.

The first homo-erotic publication, Physique Pictorial, was born when Bob Mizer began taking photos of muscle men on the infamous Muscle Beach in Venice.

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Christopher Street West, the first ever Gay Pride Parade was held June 28th 1970 on Hollywood Boulevard. Only stretching the few blocks from Highland to Vine.

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The first meeting of The Mattachine Society in 1950. The first longstanding Gay rights organization.

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